May 2020
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Thursday May 28th 2020
Crash PIA A320 at Karachi on May 22nd 2020, impacted residential area during final approach, both engines failed as result of a gear up touchdown
Wednesday May 27th 2020
Incident Volga Dnjepr A124 at Krasnojarsk on May 27th 2020, lightning strike
Incident Allegiant A320 at Allentown on May 22nd 2020, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident unknown A320 at Berlin on Mar 22nd 2020, engine shut down instead of flaps reduced
Tuesday May 26th 2020
Accident Aeronav L410 at Qansax Dheere on May 25th 2020, aircraft being shot at managed to land
Accident Norwegian B738 near Alicante on Oct 18th 2017, ATC turns aircraft, TCAS RA and turbulence injures two flight attendants
Incident Asia India A320 near Hyderabad on May 26th 2020, engine shut down in flight due to fuel leak
Accident Nordwind A321 at Antalya on Jan 10th 2020, hard landing
Monday May 25th 2020
Incident Delta B772 near Moncton on May 21st 2020, first officer incapacitated
Accident British Airways A320 at Tenerife on Feb 7th 2020, fumes affect both flight crew
Sunday May 24th 2020
Incident Wizz A320 at Bucharest on May 22nd 2020, disagreeing airspeeds
Incident Hong Kong A333 and Fedex MD11 at Hong Kong on May 22nd 2020, loss of separation between takeoff and go around
Saturday May 23rd 2020
Incident KLM Cityhopper E190 near Amsterdam on May 23rd 2020, anti ice leak
Accident iAero B738 enroute on May 19th 2020, dropped parts of vertical tail
Friday May 22nd 2020
Incident PSA CRJ7 at Charlotte on Feb 15th 2017, deer strike on departure
Thursday May 21st 2020
Incident Skywest CRJ2 at Calgary on Mar 27th 2020, flaps up landing
Incident LATAM B763 at Recife on May 18th 2020, engine vibrations
Report Easyjet A319 near Birmingham on May 11th 2019, fumes and smoke in cockpit
Wednesday May 20th 2020
Incident Nauru B733 at Brisbane on May 21st 2020, bird strike
Incident Cargolux B748 over Atlantic on May 9th 2020, cockpit crew member incapacitated
Incident American A321 near Nassau on Jan 24th 2020, smoke in cabin
Incident Spirit A321 near Nassau on Mar 1st 2020, cargo smoke indication
Tuesday May 19th 2020
Incident Malindo AT72 at Penang on May 28th 2015, engine fire indication
Incident Malindo AT72 at Kuala Lumpur on Mar 26th 2014, engine fire
Monday May 18th 2020
Incident Atlanta Icelandic B744 at Frankfurt on May 15th 2020, rejected takeoff
Incident Van L410 at Dubrovnik on Nov 29th 2018, touched down before displaced threshold
Sunday May 17th 2020
Incident Flysafair B734 near Cape Town on Aug 20th 2019, loss of cabin pressure
Saturday May 16th 2020
Incident Air Asia A320 at Bandar Seri Begawan on Jul 7th 2014, runway excursion on landing
Friday May 15th 2020
Incident LATAM A320 at Sao Paulo on May 15th 2020, suspected bird strike
Incident Jazz CRJ9 near Montreal on May 13th 2020, smell of smoke in cabin
Incident United B789 over Pacific on May 14th 2020, cracked windshield
Thursday May 14th 2020
Report British Airways A321 at Glasgow on Nov 24th 2019, incorrect takeoff performance
Report Eastern Australia DH8C near Whyalla on Aug 8th 2019, inflight deployment of ditching dam
Wednesday May 13th 2020
Incident Rossiya A319 near St.Petersburg on May 13th 2020, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Summit AT72 at Thompson on May 7th 2020, could not retract gear
Incident Sky Regional E175 at Toronto on Jan 28th 2019, rejected takeoff due to runway incursion by snow ploughs
Tuesday May 12th 2020
Incident Atlas B763 at Miami on May 11th 2020, smoke in cockpit
Accident Maldivian DHC6 at Male on Feb 9th 2012, right wing submerged upon landing
Incident Aviastar T204 at Krasnojarsk on May 12th 2020, could not retract landing gear
Monday May 11th 2020
Accident Malaysia B738 at Sibu on Apr 8th 2017, runway excursion, nose gear collapse
Incident Air China B744 at Madrid on May 9th 2020, bird strike
Sunday May 10th 2020
Incident Gol B738 at Brasilia on Apr 9th 2018, takeoff with landed aircraft still on runway


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