February 2020
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Wednesday Feb 19th 2020
Incident British Airways A35K at London on Feb 19th 2020, hydraulic leak
Incident Canada A319 at New York and Toronto on Feb 18th 2020, dropped main wheel on departure
Tuesday Feb 18th 2020
Incident GoAir A20N at Ahmedabad on Feb 18th 2020, rejected takeoff due to engine fire
Incident American A321 at Charlotte on Feb 17th 2020, engine shut down in flight
Accident Summit L410 at Lukla on Apr 14th 2019, runway excursion on takeoff and collision with two helicopters
Incident Qatar A332 near Multan on Feb 17th 2020, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Virgin Australia B773 at Los Angeles on Feb 16th 2020, landing gear issue, smoke from landing gear
Incident Transavia B738 at Ivalo and Amsterdam on Jan 18th 2020, departed and landed with nose gear steering pin attached
Monday Feb 17th 2020
Incident Mesa CRJ7 at Houston on Feb 15th 2020, gear disagrees
Incident American A319 near Toronto on Feb 17th 2020, burning odour in the cabin and cockpit
Incident Nordwind B772 at Ufa on Feb 17th 2020, cargo door indication
Accident SAA A320 at Port Elizabeth on Feb 17th 2020, fumes in cabin
Incident Austral E190 at Rosario on Feb 16th 2020, dropped nose wheel on landing
Sunday Feb 16th 2020
Incident Spirit A319 at Sacramento on Feb 15th 2020, electrical issues
Incident Easyjet A319 at Amsterdam on Feb 15th 2020, smoke in cabin
Incident British Airways A319 at Lyon on Feb 15th 2020, smoke in cockpit
Incident Delta A333 near Brasilia on Feb 15th 2020, engine problems
Saturday Feb 15th 2020
Incident Ryanair B738 at Alicante on Feb 11th 2020, flaps problem
Incident Tway B738 at Guam on Feb 13th 2020, engine problem
Accident India A321 at Pune on Feb 15th 2020, tail strike because of runway incursion
Friday Feb 14th 2020
Incident American B752 near San Jose on Feb 9th 2020, cabin pressure control problems
Incident British Airways A35K at Toronto on Feb 12th 2020, hydraulic failure, luggage locked in
Incident British Airways B772 near Bermuda on Feb 13th 2020, "this phone will never work again"
Incident Smartwings B738 at Toronto on Jan 29th 2020, noise and vibrations during gear retraction
Incident Jetblue A320 near West Palm Beach on Feb 13th 2020, smoke in cockpit
Incident Fedex B752 at Syracuse on Feb 13th 2020, smoke in cockpit
Incident British Airways B773 near Shannon on Aug 24th 2019, suspected fire on board
Accident Virgin Atlantic A346 over Black Sea on Aug 21st 2019, turbulence injures passenger
Report Lingus A320 at Dublin and London on Aug 12th 2019, fumes in DEO
Thursday Feb 13th 2020
Incident Qantas A332 at Sydney on Feb 12th 2020, hydraulic failure on touch down
Incident ATI B763 near Cincinnati on Feb 13th 2020, engine trouble
Incident Alaska B738 at San Jose on Feb 11th 2020, bird strike
Incident Canada A320 near Denver on Feb 8th 2020, suspected fuel leak
Incident Aeroflot B773 at Moscow on Dec 18th 2019, at about 410 feet AGL about 4.7nm before runway
Incident Safair B734 at Johannesburg on Dec 10th 2019, "rain" in the cockpit turns into smoke
Incident Safair B738 at Johannesburg on Dec 10th 2019, stick shaker and other anomalies
Wednesday Feb 12th 2020
Incident S7 E170 at Penza on Feb 11th 2020, owly engine
Incident Swiss A319 at Zurich on Feb 9th 2020, strong chemical odour in cockpit
Incident THY A333 at Cape Town on Jan 2nd 2020, could not retract landing gear
Accident Biman DH8D at Yangon on May 8th 2019, runway impact and excursion
Report Indigo A320 at Raipur on Dec 14th 2016, hard landing at +3.164G
Incident Baltic BCS3 near Bordeaux on Feb 12th 2020, uncontained engine failure
Incident Lingus A320 at Geneva on Jul 24th 2015, took off around runway incursion
Tuesday Feb 11th 2020
Incident Alitalia A320 at Bari on Feb 10th 2020, nose gear did not retract
Incident France B773 at Bangkok on Feb 10th 2020, could not retract landing gear
Incident S7 A319 at Novosibirsk on Feb 11th 2020, burning odour on board, autopilot failure
Incident Jazz CRJ9 at Winnipeg on Feb 5th 2020, lavatory smoke indication
Incident Canada B763 at Madrid on Feb 3rd 2020, engine shut down in flight, burst tyre on departure
Incident Pegasus B738 at Istanbul on Feb 11th 2020, captain incapacitated
Incident Max B744 at Minna on Sep 7th 2019, "epileptic" ILS and engine pod strike on landing
Accident Iceland B752 at Keflavik on Feb 7th 2020, main gear collapse on landing