June 2019
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AViation news


Monday Jun 17th 2019
Accident United B752 at Newark on Jun 15th 2019, hard landing
Incident American A321 at Tampa on Jun 16th 2019, cabin did not pressurize
Accident Jetblue A320 near Fort Lauderdale on Jun 16th 2019, flight attendant injured by trolley
Accident ALK B733 near Basel on Jun 16th 2019, turbulence injures 10 people
Incident Skymark B738 and ANA B789 at Tokyo on Jun 15th 2019, ATC operational error, B789 crosses runway while B738 lands
Incident Finnair A319 at Vaasa and Helsinki on Apr 6th 2019, burst tyre
Sunday Jun 16th 2019
Incident LATAM Brazil B763 at Sao Paulo on Jun 15th 2019, unreliable airspeed
Incident Easyjet Europe A320 at Lyon on Jun 15th 2019, lightning strike
Incident American B763 at Philadelphia on Jun 15th 2019, bird strike
Accident S7 B738 at Krasnodar on Jun 15th 2019, tail strike on balked landing
Saturday Jun 15th 2019
Incident PIA AT42 at Karachi on Jun 9th 2017, engine shut down in flight
Incident MAP AT72 at Manaus on Jun 14th 2019, smoke in cabin
Incident Delta A321 near Cheyenne on Jun 14th 2019, cargo smoke indication
Accident Vanilla A320 near Miyazaki on Aug 27th 2018, turbulence injures flight attendant
Accident MAP AT42 at Manaus on Jun 15th 2019, emergency return ends in gear up landing
Incident British Airways A321 at Sofia on Jun 15th 2019, fumes in cockpit
Friday Jun 14th 2019
Incident Delta BCS1 at New York on Jun 13th 2019, engine problem
Incident Cathay Pacific A359 near Nagoya on Jun 14th 2019, hydraulic failure
Incident Eurowings A319 at Munich on Jun 10th 2019, hydraulic problems
Incident British Airways A319 at Amsterdam on Jun 8th 2019, lightning strike reported by other aircraft
Incident India Express B738 at Kochi on Jun 13th 2019, bird strike
Incident United A320 at Vancouver on Jun 12th 2019, electrical faults
Accident Aeroflot SU95 at Moscow on May 5th 2019, aircraft bursts into flames during rollout and burns down
Thursday Jun 13th 2019
Incident Jeju B738 at Angeles on Jun 12th 2019, cabin pressure problems
Incident Wizz A321 at Constanta on Jun 12th 2019, bird strike
Incident Wizz A320 at Turku on Jun 13th 2019, lightning strike
Incident American B763 near Frankfurt on Jun 13th 2019, suspected fuel leak
Incident Corendon Dutch B738 at Alghero on Jun 11th 2019, bird strike
Incident Canada A320 near Syracuse on Jun 5th 2019, spook in the ducts
Incident Southwest B737 at Burbank on Dec 6th 2018, overran runway on landing
Incident Easyjet Europe A319 at London on Sep 30th 2018, error in takeoff calculation
Incident Blue B738 at Birmingham on Jul 28th 2018, tail scrape on departure
Wednesday Jun 12th 2019
Incident Mesa CRJ9 at Bismarck on Jun 12th 2019, brakes problem
Incident American A321 near Shreveport on Jun 12th 2019, smoke in cockpit
Incident Canada B789 over Atlantic on Jun 5th 2019, hydraulic fault
Incident Spicejet B738 at Dubai and Jaipur on Jun 12th 2019, burst tyre on departure
Accident Spicejet DH8D at Delhi on Nov 8th 2017, tail strike on landing
Report British Airways B789 and Thai B773 at Delhi on Oct 7th 2017, simultaneous go around and takeoff result in loss of separation
Accident Lufthansa A319 at Paris and Frankfurt on Aug 5th 2016, fumes injure 3 cabin crew
Tuesday Jun 11th 2019
Incident British Airways B744 near Shannon on Jun 10th 2019, burning smell in cabin
Accident Peace B733 at Lagos on May 15th 2019, hard landing and engine pod strike
Incident AirAsia India A320 near Chandigarh on Jun 9th 2019, engine stall prompts hijack alert
Incident Alaska A320 near Portland on Jun 10th 2019, smoke in cabin, smell of smoke in cockpit
Incident Norwegian B788 over Labrador Sea on May 13th 2019, engine issues
Report Western SF34 and private aircraft at Nassau on Sep 22nd 2018, near midair collision over runway, aircraft took off in opposite directions at the same time
Incident Polar Cargo B748 at Tokyo on Jul 15th 2017, overran runway on takeoff
Monday Jun 10th 2019
Incident BoA B763 at Madrid on Jun 7th 2019, engine ingested foreign object
Accident United B739 at Denver on Jun 9th 2019, tail strike on landing
Incident Iceland B752 near Stavanger on Jun 9th 2019, engine shut down in flight
Incident Smartwings B734 at Antalya on Jun 9th 2019, rejected takeoff
Incident Alitalia A319 at Genoa on Jun 10th 2019, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident Canada E190 near Minneapolis on Jun 3rd 2019, altimeter mis-compare