April 2018
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AViation news


Saturday Apr 21st 2018
Accident Southwest B737 near Philadelphia on Apr 17th 2018, uncontained engine failure takes out passenger window
News FAA issues Emergency AD on CFM56-7B engines
Friday Apr 20th 2018
Incident Neos B763 near Delhi on Apr 18th 2018, only the pouring of water was missing
Incident LOT E195 at Dusseldorf on Apr 19th 2018, flaps problem
Incident Batik Malaysia B739 at Kathmandu on Apr 19th 2018, rejected takeoff due to takeoff config warning results in overrun
Thursday Apr 19th 2018
Incident Delta MD88 at Providence on Apr 17th 2018, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Incident Delta MD90 at West Palm Beach on Apr 18th 2018, suspected blown tyre
Incident Nelson DH8C at New Plymouth on Apr 18th 2018, haze in cabin
Accident Lion B739 and Wings AT72 at Medan on Aug 3rd 2017, collision on runway
Incident Delta A333 at Atlanta on Apr 18th 2018, engine fire
Wednesday Apr 18th 2018
Incident Flybe DH8D at Newquay on Apr 17th 2018, possible tail strike on landing
Incident CAA A321 at Mbuji-Mayi on Apr 16th 2018, nose gear steering failure during backtrack
Incident Southwest B737 at Nashville on Apr 18th 2018, engine issue
Incident Canada A320 near Orlando on Apr 14th 2018, unidentified thump sound during climb
Crash Saratov A148 at Moscow on Feb 11th 2018, lost height after departure, pitot heatings off
Crash Associated E120 at Lagos on Oct 3rd 2013, lost height after takeoff
Incident American A332 at Charlotte on Apr 16th 2018, bird strike
Tuesday Apr 17th 2018
Incident Expressjet CRJ7 at New York on Apr 17th 2018, dropped wheel on departure
News EASA and FAA issue Airworthiness Directives on Boeing 787 engines
Incident Thai B744 at Tokyo on Apr 11th 2018, GPWS alert on short final
Incident UIA B735 near Kiev on Mar 15th 2018, uncommanded engine shut down, engine restarted
Accident Cavok AN12 at Gao on Mar 30th 2018, nose gear collapse on landing
Incident Wind Rose E145 at Zaporozhye on Mar 3rd 2018, runway excursion on landing
Incident United B738 near Dover-Cheswold on Apr 16th 2018, elevator trouble
Monday Apr 16th 2018
Incident Finnair A333 near Delhi on Apr 13th 2018, suspected engine oil leak
Incident Canada A320 at Montreal on Mar 31st 2018, bird strike
Incident British Airways A319 at London on Apr 16th 2018, nose gear shock absorber fault
Incident Qantas A332 near Brisbane on Apr 15th 2018, loss of thrust
Sunday Apr 15th 2018
Incident Swiss A333 at Mumbai on Apr 15th 2018, rejected takeoff due to engine problem
Incident Hainan B789 at Boston on Apr 14th 2018, flaps problem
Incident Eurowings A332 at Cologne on Apr 15th 2018, hydraulic leak
Incident Myanmar National AT72 near Dawei on Apr 14th 2018, engine oil leak
Incident Swiss A343 at Johannesburg on Apr 14th 2018, hydraulic leak
Saturday Apr 14th 2018
Incident Cathay Dragon A320 at Hong Kong on Apr 13th 2018, cabin pressure problems
Incident Qantas A333 near Melbourne on Apr 14th 2018, loss of cabin pressure
Friday Apr 13th 2018
Incident Delta B752 at Minneapolis on Apr 12th 2018, engine problem
Incident Gol B738 at Brasilia on Apr 9th 2018, takeoff with landed aircraft still on runway
Incident Delta B752 near Fargo on Apr 12th 2018, smell of smoke in cockpit
Incident SATA DH8B at Corvo on Apr 11th 2018, hydraulic leak on touch down
Incident Delta B752 near Ft. St. John on Apr 4th 2018, engine oil leak
Report Mandalay E145 at Sittwe on Sep 18th 2017, hard landing accident cracks wing spar, aircraft operated three more sectors
Accident Summit L410 at Lukla on May 27th 2017, contacted trees and impacted ground before runway
Thursday Apr 12th 2018
Accident Vietjet A321 at Da Nang on Apr 11th 2018, both engines stalled, both engines EGT overtemperature, one engine shut down in flight, electrical problems
Incident British Airways B772 near Munich on Apr 12th 2018, engine trouble, engine shut down in flight
Incident United B763 over Atlantic on Apr 3rd 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Avianca A318 near Cali on Mar 27th 2018, GPWS alert and Alpha Floor
Incident Wizz A320 at Skopje on Mar 29th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Delta A320 at Nassau on Apr 1st 2018, flaps problem
Incident Indigo AT72 at Hyderabad on Mar 28th 2018, burst tyres on landing
Incident British Airways A388 enroute on Apr 1st 2018, iPad caught fire