September 2019
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AViation news


Wednesday Sep 18th 2019
Incident Alaska A319 near Minneapolis on Sep 15th 2019, burning odour in cockpit
Incident Easyjet A319 near Toulouse on Aug 26th 2019, burning odour, intercom failure
Incident American B763 near Columbus on Sep 16th 2019, engine oil filter message
Incident Delta B753 near Denver on Sep 17th 2019, engine shut down in flight
Incident British Airways B744 near Chicago on Sep 17th 2019, electrical burning odour on board
Incident Air China B773 at Washington on Sep 17th 2019, engine surges
Accident Rimbun DHC6 near Ilaga on Sep 18th 2019, aircraft missing
Incident Flysafair B734 near Cape Town on Aug 20th 2019, loss of cabin pressure
Tuesday Sep 17th 2019
Incident United B738 at Tampa on Sep 16th 2019, takeoff cancelled due to engine problem
Incident Sri Lankan A20N at Tiruchirappalli on Sep 15th 2019, bird strike
Incident Qantas B738 at Perth on Sep 17th 2019, bird strike
Incident THY A332 at Istanbul on Sep 16th 2019, bird strike
Incident Etihad B789 over Atlantic on Sep 16th 2019, smoking tablet
Incident Canada E190 at Toronto on Aug 29th 2019, odour on board
Incident Transavia B738 at Amsterdam on Sep 6th 2019, rejected takeoff from taxiway
Monday Sep 16th 2019
Incident Norwegian B789 at Los Angeles on Sep 13th 2019, bird strike
Incident Lufthansa B744 at Denver on Sep 15th 2019, rejected takeoff due to cargo smoke indication
Incident GoAir A20N at Jaipur on Sep 16th 2019, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident China Eastern A332 at Shanghai on Sep 15th 2019, bird strike
Incident Chengdu A320 at Chengdu on Sep 14th 2019, could not retract landing gear
Incident Swiss BCS3 near Geneva on Sep 16th 2019, engine problem
Incident France A332 near Gander on Sep 6th 2019, engine problem
Incident Vueling A20N at Barcelona on Sep 13th 2019, smoke in cabin
Sunday Sep 15th 2019
Incident American A319 at Boston on Sep 11th 2019, hydraulic failure
Incident PSA CRJ7 at Washington on Sep 10th 2019, flaps fail
Incident PIA B772 at Lahore on Sep 15th 2019, engine shut down in flight
Saturday Sep 14th 2019
Incident Sunstate DH8D at Canberra on Sep 11th 2019, damaged tyre on departure
Incident Yakutia B737 at Khabarovsk on Sep 12th 2019, cracked windshield
Incident Canada A320 near Calgary on Aug 31st 2019, cabin pressure problem
Friday Sep 13th 2019
Incident GoAir A320 at Ahmedabad on Sep 10th 2019, bird strike
Incident Aeroflot B738 at Moscow on Sep 10th 2019, bird strike
Incident Austrian A320 at Vienna on Sep 13th 2019, unusual odour in cabin
Accident Mesa E175 near Colorado Springs on Sep 11th 2019, turbulence causes injuries
Incident American B738 at Phoenix on Sep 12th 2019, rejected takeoff due to configuration warning
Incident Smartwings B738 over Aegean Sea on Aug 22nd 2019, engine shut down in flight, aircraft continued to Prague
Thursday Sep 12th 2019
Incident Euroatlantic B763 near Gander on Sep 5th 2019, smoking CDU
Incident Swoop B738 at Abbotsford on Sep 10th 2019, bird strike
Incident TAROM AT42 at Bucharest on Jul 9th 2019, burst all main tyres on landing
Incident Max B744 at Minna on Sep 7th 2019, engine failure and runway excursion
Accident Thomas Cook A332 over Atlantic on Feb 6th 2019, smoke in cockpit
Incident Easyjet A320 near Birmingham on Feb 25th 2019, burning electrical odour on board
Report Easyjet A319 at Glasgow on Sep 30th 2018, first officer incapacitated
Incident Volaris A321 at Guadalajara on Jul 30th 2019, tail strike on departure
Incident Indigo A20N at Hyderabad on Aug 27th 2019, smoke in cockpit
Accident Virgin Atlantic A346 over Black Sea on Aug 21st 2019, turbulence injures passenger
Accident Avianca AT72 at Manizales on Sep 7th 2019, tail strike on landing
Wednesday Sep 11th 2019
Incident Jetblue A321 near Nassau on Sep 11th 2019, cargo smoke indication, then engine fire warning
Accident Westjet B737 enroute on Aug 22nd 2019, cart runs after flight attendant
Report Caribbean AT72 at Port of Spain on May 4th 2014, fracture of propeller trunnion pin
Tuesday Sep 10th 2019
Incident Wisconsin CRJ2 at Washington on Sep 6th 2019, gear problem
Incident Gojet CRJ7 near Denver on Sep 9th 2019, loss of cabin pressure