December 2019
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AViation news


Saturday Dec 7th 2019
Incident Gazprom SU95 near Moscow on Dec 6th 2019, hydraulic failure
Crash Itek Air B732 at Bishkek on Aug 24th 2008, crashed shortly after takeoff
Friday Dec 6th 2019
Incident Avior B734 near Tarapoto on Dec 6th 2019, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Azul E195 at Recife on Dec 3rd 2019, smell of smoke in cabin
Incident PIA A320 at Quetta on Dec 5th 2019, the eighth plague
Incident Canada B773 near London on Dec 3rd 2019, smoke in lavatory
Accident North Star DC3T at Sachigo Lake on Dec 3rd 2019, aircraft contacted trees on approach
Accident Singapore A333 at Yangon on Nov 25th 2019, tail strike on landing
Crash Busy Bee D228 at Goma on Nov 24th 2019, impacted populated area past departure runway
Report France A343 at Bogota on Aug 18th 2017, windshear during rotation for takeoff
Accident Far Eastern MD82 at Taipei on Jul 2nd 2018, uncontained engine failure
Incident Ethiopian B788 at Hong Kong on Jul 18th 2019, loss of control on ILS approach
Incident Republic E175 at Atlanta on Nov 6th 2019, trim runaway, severe control problems, stalling situation
Incident Lufthansa A321 at Munich on Dec 5th 2019, hydraulic failure
Thursday Dec 5th 2019
Incident Skywest CRJ7 near Dallas on Dec 4th 2019, engine problem
Incident Azimuth SU95 near Rostov on Dec 5th 2019, technical problem
Incident Delta A320 at Salt Lake City on Dec 4th 2019, cracked windshield
Incident Indigo A20N at Mumbai on Dec 5th 2019, engine vibrations
Incident Spicejet B738 near Muscat on Dec 4th 2019, smoke on board
Incident Andes MD83 near Cordoba on Jan 27th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Andes MD83 near Tucuman on Mar 7th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Wednesday Dec 4th 2019
Incident Mount Cook AT72 at Nelson on Apr 9th 2017, unsafe gear
Tuesday Dec 3rd 2019
Incident Skywest CRJ7 at Appleton on Dec 3rd 2019, smell of smoke in cabin
Incident Delta A333 at Barcelona on Dec 3rd 2019, engine failure
Incident British Airways A320 at Gibraltar on Dec 2nd 2019, lightning strike
Incident Malindo B739 at Jakarta on Dec 2nd 2019, cabin pressure problems
Incident Peach A320 at Tokyo on Nov 30th 2019, vehicle on runway during rollout
Incident Skywest CRJ7 near Rochester on Dec 2nd 2019, fuel imbalance causing control concerns
Incident Singapore B744 at Sydney on Nov 28th 2019, engine pod strike during go around
Incident BoA B733 at Santa Cruz on Mar 24th 2019, control column vibrations
Incident Safair B734 at Cape Town on Feb 21st 2019, flaps problem on departure
Accident Ryanair B738 at Frankfurt on Jan 29th 2019, gear strut penetrates wing during retraction
Accident Pegasus B738 near Zagreb on Oct 2nd 2018, cargo smoke indication
Incident SAA A346 over Switzerland on Nov 6th 2018, overspeed, dual ADR failure
Monday Dec 2nd 2019
Incident Algerie B738 near Cairo on Dec 2nd 2019, engine shut down in flight
Incident Saudia B789 over Bay of Bengal on Dec 1st 2019, technical problem
Incident Delta B763 at Boston on Dec 1st 2019, dropped slide on approach
Incident JAL B738 near Osaka on Dec 2nd 2019, engine problem
Accident Frontier A20N at Denver on Aug 27th 2019, turbulence injures flight attendant
Incident Pacific Aircorp B763 over London on Dec 1st 2019, loss of communication
Sunday Dec 1st 2019
Accident Camair Co MA60 at Bamenda on Dec 1st 2019, aircraft being shot at
Saturday Nov 30th 2019
Incident Omni B762 near Las Vegas on Nov 29th 2019, smoke in cockpit
Accident Laudamotion A320 at Vienna, enroute and Dublin on Nov 25th 2019, communication problems and fumes
Friday Nov 29th 2019
Incident Helvetic E290 at Zurich on Nov 24th 2019, could not retract gear
Incident Easyjet Switzerland A320 near Zagreb on Nov 13th 2019, big bang on nose then weather radar failure
Incident France A332 near Moncton on Nov 23rd 2019, discrepancy between fuel estimated and fuel indicated
Incident Antonov A124 at Ostend on Nov 26th 2019, rejected takeoff due to engine problem
Incident JAL B773 at Tokyo on Sep 5th 2017, engine shut down in flight following uncontained failure
Incident GoAir A20N at Bangalore on Nov 11th 2019, runway excursion on landing
Incident India A321 at Bhubaneswar on Nov 8th 2019, fire seen from engine
Incident Algerie B738 at Lyon on Nov 14th 2019, rejected takeoff due to snow plough on runway/operational error