Friday Feb 22nd 2019
Incident Envoy E145 near Bentonville on Feb 21st 2019, smoke in cockpit
Incident Safair B734 at Cape Town on Feb 21st 2019, flaps problem on departure
Accident Conquest Cargo CVLP near Miami on Feb 8th 2019, both engines failed, forced landing in sea
Accident Alliance AT72 at Diu on Jan 26th 2019, tail strike on landing
Incident Vietnam A21N near Lahore on Feb 6th 2019, engine shut down in flight
Incident Pobeda B738 at Moscow on Feb 21st 2019, tail scrape on landing
Thursday Feb 21st 2019
Incident Southwest B738 at Fort Lauderdale and Orlando on Feb 21st 2019, tyre damage on departure
Incident Avianca A319 at Rio de Janeiro on Jul 19th 2017, EGPWS warning on RNAV approach
Incident Lufthansa B744 at Rio de Janeiro on Feb 20th 2019, engine problem
Incident Smartwings B738 at Winnipeg on Jan 29th 2019, engine shut down in flight
Incident Canada A333 at Geneva on Feb 10th 2019, black smoke from engine due to hydraulic fault
Incident Volaris A320 at Los Angeles on Feb 17th 2019, luggage cart hits aircraft during line up
Crash Malaysia B772 near Donetsk on Jul 17th 2014, aircraft was shot down from separatist controlled ground
Wednesday Feb 20th 2019
Incident Atlas B744 at Nuremberg on Feb 20th 2019, technical problem
Incident Satena AT42 at Quibdo Bogota on Feb 20th 2019, tyre damage on departure
Incident Delta B763 near Anchorage on Feb 19th 2019, full house
Incident Jazz CRJ2 at Bagotville on Feb 8th 2019, runway excursion after landing
Report TAM A320 at Brasilia on Apr 8th 2015, touched down before runway during go around
Tuesday Feb 19th 2019
Incident Delta MD90 at Milwaukee on Feb 19th 2019, lightning strike causes engine vibrations
Accident Ryanair B738 at Frankfurt on Jan 29th 2019, gear strut penetrates wing during retraction
Incident Canada E190 at Boston on Feb 8th 2019, hard landing
Monday Feb 18th 2019
Incident United B763 at Amsterdam on Feb 16th 2019, flaps problem
Incident SriLankan A332 at Chennai on Feb 17th 2019, burst tyre on landing
Accident Thomas Cook A332 over Atlantic on Feb 6th 2019, smoke in cockpit
Incident UPS B763 near Goose Bay on Feb 7th 2019, multiple system failures
Incident Porter DH8D near Scranton on Feb 7th 2019, engine shut down in flight
Crash Iran Aseman AT72 near Semirom on Feb 18th 2018, impacted terrain
Sunday Feb 17th 2019
Incident LATAM Brasil A321 at Sao Paulo on Feb 17th 2019, engine problem
Incident Virgin Atlantic A346 at Atlanta on Feb 16th 2019, pressurization issue
Incident British Airways A319 near London on Feb 8th 2019, burning odour in cockpit
Incident Lion B738 at Pontianak on Feb 16th 2019, overran runway on landing
Saturday Feb 16th 2019
Accident Southwest B738 near Providence on Feb 15th 2019, lightning strike
Incident Azul Cargo B734 enroute on Feb 15th 2019, foreign object damage to vertical stabilizer
Incident United B763 at Amsterdam on Feb 16th 2019, rejected takeoff
Incident Spirit A320 at Guayaquil on Feb 16th 2019, engine shut down in flight
Accident Everts DC93 near Bethel on Dec 23rd 2017, loss of cabin pressure, structural damage due to unsecured cargo jack
Incident TUI Nederland B763 near Paris on Feb 15th 2019, fuel leak
Friday Feb 15th 2019
Incident Thai B773 at London on Feb 13th 2019, cargo door indication
Incident Qantas B738 near Cairns on Feb 10th 2019, burning odour in the flight deck
Incident Korean BCS3 near Busan on Dec 26th 2018, uncontained engine failure
Incident Canada B38M over Pacific on Jan 28th 2019, engine oil issues
Incident Jazz CRJ2 at Moncton on Jan 23rd 2019, one wing stalled 10 feet above runway
Accident Aerolineas B738 at Bariloche on Feb 13th 2017, tail strike on go-around
Incident Aeroflot A320 near Budapest on Feb 3rd 2019, smoke in cockpit
Incident Emirates A388 at London and Manchester on Feb 8th 2019, fuel emergency
Thursday Feb 14th 2019
Incident Lufthansa Cityline CRJ9 at Munich on Feb 13th 2019, fuel pressure problems
Accident Transavia France B738 on Feb 13th 2019, turbulence injures 13
Incident Jazz DH8D near Vancouver on Feb 4th 2019, hissing sound precedes loss of cabin pressure
Accident Compass E175 near Reno on Feb 13th 2019, severe turbulence injures 8
Incident Juneyao A320 at Okinawa on Mar 18th 2018, commenced takeoff without clearance, high risk of collision on runway
Report TUI Airways B789 at London on Jul 6th 2018, deteriorating flight controls